Dekadenter Berliner Pflasterstein Gold | Sandra Rauch

Dekadenter Berliner Pflasterstein Gold

covered with gold leaf


7 x 8 x 14 cm




Sandra Rauch

Sandra Rauch’s Dekadenter Berliner Pflasterstein Gold ist eins der einzigartigen und sehr speziellen mit Blattgold belegten Collectables.

Dekadenter Berliner Pflasterstein Gold ist aus der Serie Goldrush und wie auch Gold Fire Dog und Money man aus der Beschäftigung mit der Goldgräberbewegung  Nordamerikas und Sandras zahlreichen Texas Besuchen hervorgegangen.

Dekadenter Berliner Pflasterstein Gold ist ein Unikat und Sammlerstück.

Sandra Rauch’s acrylic pieces are very special collectables. Handmade screenprinted and painted on acrylic bloc making them totally unique.

Sandra Rauch is an explorer who understands the city as a symbolic system. She weaves her perceptions into tight nets of urban »symbolic objects« as if in a matrix with a multi-layered, urban visual memory. Meticulously detecting systems of symbols and ideograms, she captivates by seeking out every detail in urban scenes.

In Rauch’s artwork, street canyons form the essence of the urban as well as the invisible. Urban space requires particular spheres of imagination in which both visitors and urban dwellers can interlink into a network and allow the ›significant‹ street features to conceptualize into the notion of a metropolis.

These visual worlds of urban spaces and the symbolic power of her objects create condensed entities of daily environments. The result is a visionary diary presenting the unfolding of occurrences on a daily basis.